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Forests in Japanese history

Forests in Japan have been under pressure already for millennia (Totman 1989). More than 2000 years ago, rice culture caused the first dramatic modifications of woodlands and bronze and iron smelting started to put pressure on the forest due to the demand for high-quality charcoal. Metallurgy led to new, more powerful tools and the assault on the woodlands intensified. The warrior castes needed timber for ships, stockades and large residences and for coffins buried in huge mounds rivalling the Egyptian [...]

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The Textbook

Written by prof. dr. B.J.M. de Vries, it provides an integrated, system-oriented introduction to the concepts, theories and issues surrounding the quest for a sustainable future for Planet Earth.
Check out the textbook’s companion website, where you will find chapter resources, exercises and more!

Knowledge Base

We are building a knowledgebase of links, institutions and educational material, based on our understanding of sustainability science, as presented in the book.
Have a look at some of the resources collected so far.

Research & Education Tools

In this section we are collecting interactive tools that can be used for research and teaching.
Look at a few projects by us and other people.

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Energy Economics

Energy use: economics of energy saving

The dynamics behind the changes in energy intensity is an important topic in energy economics. Goods and services are produced with a variety of inputs and a so-called production function […]

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A technology to supply water in relevant amounts is desalinization of seawater. It is at the intersection of water, food and energy issues, because the water for drinking and food is a necessity of life […]

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